What would be the profile of a team in a law firm such as ours? An office where each case is handled on a singular basis, and for which a new solution must be found, a differentiated, creative solution, able to circumvent the obstacles in a surprising way?

We do believe that our team must be formed by people with high skills, technical quality allied with high creative abilities, high availability and agility, all able to reach our tasks efficiently.

And we are glad to share that specific know-how profile, from each worker from our team, wheter among partners, associates, consultants, interns, and all members from our teamwork WITH YOU!

When the subject is about OUR PROFESSIONALS, we aim to provide you the highest quality people to work with your case, the ones who believes in our philosophy and targets, the ones based to approach unique specialized services inside the context from our modern practice system of corporate law.


Fernanda C. B. S. Passos

Roberto Rached Jorge

Rodrigo M. N. Mello

Thiago Groppo Nunes

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